Park Jungle Adventure


Jungle Adventure was the first active park in Italy that offers a type of entertainment that is not immediately passively by the user but physically experienced. This involves not only a physical commitment but also a considerable amount of concentration and coordination. All this is experienced in pure air or a healthy fun, consuming calories and eliminating the Toxins that accumulate in the city and at work.

“Discovery” Green Route (from 8 years)
This is the path of adaptation with which one begins to become familiar with the Park. As you learn that what you do is in absolute safety and after a while you’ll have a lot of fun without thinking about the height of the cable cars. Passages in the nets, Tibetan bridges and Canadian ladders will take you to fast and adrenaline ropeways. These are steel cables specially designed in their length to slide quickly at the beginning and decelerate at the end by inertia: but this is better understood only by trying …

“Adventure” Blue Route (from 11 years)
With this path you begin to enjoy the taste of being the protagonists of an episode of Tomb Raider inside a thousand vicissitudes. And then down the suspended barrels, on the Andes catwalk, on the Tibetan bridges and still slide on the fast cableways passing impetuous torrents … But all that can be experienced only through the 21 stages of the Blue route, always secured with the karabiners. ..

“Sensation” Red Route (from 14 years)
The Rosso route is the most adrenaline and exciting route of the Park. Suitable for experts who have already taken security and familiarity with the routes. The journey engages the mind and body with 20 exciting stages. All paths involve a waste of energy. This is a positive feature that turns active play into a day of healthy outdoor fitness. Everything in the other routes is on the Red Route and it truly becomes an adventure in the forest.

“Adrenaline” Black route (from 14 years)
An intense path of ten fast and very long cableways interspersed with only two relaxing steps. You have fun slipping through the long cableways and jumping on the platforms at high speed … Be careful not to get distracted too much because this is a path for tough guys! And when the going gets tough … the tough start playing!

Baby Park (from 3 to 6 years)
A sort of Mini Club where with the help of the Staff or under the guidance and supervision of the parents, the little Indiana Jones experience with Canadian ladders, Tibetan bridges and cableways, always insured and equipped with harnesses suitable for their age.

Via Pineta Sperane
San Zeno di Montagna 37010 Veneto IT
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