Padenghe sul Garda


Many Roman remains found in Padenghe sul Garda testify, that (Latin) “Pedi Incolae” = Padenghe and its well positioned port, one time was one of the three important places (behind Peschiera and Riva) of trading and merchandising.


Its Parish of the 16th. century keeps precious paintings by Farinati (1522-1606) and Zenon Veronese, and too, you can admire wonderful sculptures by Antonio Calegari.

Quite nearby there is the town hall, a beautiful palace, completely restored, named “Villa Barbieri”.

Padenghe sul GardaJust mentioned, the town was settled by the Romans. A wonderful Medieval castle, built between the 9th. and 10th. century, was recently restored in the 14th. century. Even today some flats in the castle are habited with an extending town round the fortress.

Not far from the castle lies a wonderful Romanesque church, “Sant’Emiliano“, meriting a short visit.


Let us go into the background, exploring  that wonderful landscape of Valtenesi, touching several clusters, spreading out over the hills “Colline Moreniche”, which are covered with tight forests, steep rocks and cultivated olive groves and vineyards.

The first little hamlet, that we cross, is named Soiano del Lago, in the midst of vineyards and olive groves. Here you must visit a red yellow painted house “Villa Omodeo“, an ancient palace of the 17th. century, and, during the time of the Socialism of Salò, ministry of war.

Returning downtown, we reach Polpenazze with its wonderful square “Piazzale Roma” and an enormous bell-tower, once a time part of a castle, whose ruins today are to visit here. From church square we have an unforgettable panoramic view on Valtenesi, conserving plentiful olive groves and innumerable vineyards. Every year, in May, a famous, popular wine-fair takes place  at Polpenazze.

Going ahead, we cross Puegnano, a little town, well known for its wine “Garda Classico Doc” and many olive oil products. Quite nearby there are situated three little lakes, named “Tre piccoli laghi di Sovenigo“. On the greatest one blooms the famous rosy water flower “Fior di Loto rosa” (May-September). Even this landscape is characterised by olive trees and vineyards.