Lake Garda and its picturesque territory is to consider one of the few untouched paradises, far away from smog and industry. The air her is clean and pure, rich of oxygen, a very precious privilege for health and  wellness of “body and soul”. Therefore, take sometimes a deep breath, when you are here in this place! The permanent breeze coming from midst of Garda, originating on the peaks of the surrounding  mountainous landscapes, is enriched by iodine and other important minerals.

– The inhabitants of Lake Garda take  much care of their health, called “SALUTE”, all the year, indeed, you can see here always walkers and bikers, doing these sport activities for their own wellness.
– Many young mothers of the neighbour cities, like Milano, Verona or Brescia are spending the whole summer on Lake Garda with their new-born babies, because “air of Lake Garda do them good”, especially it stimulates a sound sleep of the little ones.


– Long walks along the lake are prescribed by the Italian doctors for those people, suffering from depression. The miraculous territory and the dark blue waters give these important inputs of “feeling good” and just after a short time the patients are on the road to recovery.
– The forceful sun, reflected by the waters is not to underestimate, you can get sunburnt very soon. Health- conscious Gardesana people are sunbathing all year long, also  in winter sun helps to produce the important Vitamin D, dries up acne, softens arthritis and cheers up our soul.
– Swimming regularly in Lake Garda gives a wonderful velvet skin.
– The regular mild climate, especially during the wintertime, spares of some terrible attacks of influenza and causes the persons less pain, for example in the back, than in colder regions, like England and Germany. But Lake Garda has a forceful springtime, people, who are spending some times here during that period often can suffer an incredible headache or some inexplicable pain- attacks, this can be normal for Lake Garda and must not be alarming.

WELLNESS: It is up to you practising some sport-activities for health, during your holidays at Lake Garda. Everywhere you can rent bikes and mountain- bikes, Lake Garda offers a lot of guided hikes and special walks.

HEALTH: thanks to this good fresh air, many people can pass their illness, like influenza or cough. Therefore you can find especially in wintertime children, spending a period at Lake Garda and getting well from a whooping cough.

People suffering Asthma, Bronchitis and Pneumonia can recover by help of this good climate, even chronic sufferings can disappear, naturally thanks to medical institutions. Arco is an official health resort, they have modern sanatoriums helping efficiently sick persons. Also the hospital of Malcesine has a special department for sickness of lungs and respiration, it is well-known in whole Italy. Another important medical institution are the famous “thermae” of Sirmione, where you can make special therapies by help of the warm sulphur underground-fountains. They have modern technical installations for inhalations curing all kinds of chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, ear- nose- and throat – inflammations. You can find a lot of elegant cure- hotels integrated in this area. Not to forget all kinds of skin – sickness, to cure with these sulphur waters.



Another “thermae” is situated at Colà, nearby Lazise, a wonderful large park with big old trees and a 5000 square m large basin with warm sulphur waters. It is called “Villa dei Cedri”. Everywhere in the water there are installed jet-streams for curing your arthritis. The incredible quietness in this park helps relaxing your mind completely. In the ancient, well-restored villa you can find a beauty and massage centre. At least there is a well, where you can taste the sulphur fountain, helping your stomach and  intestine to get well. Another important beauty-farm is situated on the other side of the lake, nearby Gardone. In the garden of Europe, that is the famous name of the Monte Baldo mountains, are growing rare  salutary plants and flowers. Today homeopathy becomes always more important We are pleased to announce some species, giving you the possibility of discovering some plants, walking through this wonderful territory.

1.0. Sambucus nigra for earache put some leaves, first rolled in some flour, on the painful spot, easing pain and stopping swellings.

2.0. Salvia officinalis for sore throat dry the leaves and boil it with water, ands then  gargle with that beverage, as hot as you can.

3.0. Agropyrum repens good for liver and kidneys especially for older persons, you must prepare a beverage of dried leaves  and water, boil it till the water (about an hour) becomes reddish. Drink a little glass of this drink every morning on an empty stomach.